MCA 200 /66 FD

Fully automatic inspection machine for lyophilized product contained in vials.

Particles and cosmetic inspection available.
PVSI Vision System permits to the user an easy and efficient control on the production process.
In-line solution available for second check.
Defects are collected by categories.


High powerful LED light device
Wide product range up to - 33 mm
Output of 200 units/min
Full IQ/OQ support package
Swing arm including operator interface
Double hard disk for data saving.
Machine in compliance with the most important standard regulations and guideline

Inspection available:
Cosmetic inspection, Lateral side of the cake, Glass surface (cracks, scratches), Top side of the cake surface (particles and melted cake), Alu-seal for crimping, stopper presence and seal defects, Bottom side of the cake (particles and melted cake)
Maximum Output (pcs/hour):
Containers range:
Containers size:
Container Diameter - Min Ø 8,65 MaxØ 33
Voltage frequency:
400V±10% 50/60Hz 3Ph + ground+ N
MCA200-66_01.png MCA200-66_02.png MCA200-66_03.png MCA200-66_04.png MCA200-66_05.png
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