LKD 400

The LKD model, leak detection machine, is designed to overcome in a simple, effective manner, the problems associated with accurate detection of micro cracks or pinholes in glass ampoules which may occurred during the sealing or autoclaving process.

Pharmaceutical containers as ampoules must be sealed perfectly because, even a minute amount air penetration may cause a loss of sterility and subsequent risk of bacteria contamination or oxidation of the product.

In ampoules, particularly, during manufacturing process and the sealing operations, microcracks or pinholes may occur due to the glass thickness differences or to the temperature of the sealing flame.

The LKD leak detection machine uses high voltage discharge to check each ampoule.

Measurement of voltage discharge and electro-conductivity, allows detection of micro cracks smaller than one micron and ensures higher quality and accuracy in inspection.

Standard Inspection:
leak test
Maximum Output (pcs/hour):
Containers range:
ampoules, vials, cartridges
Containers size:
up to 22,5 mm diameter
Voltage frequency:
400 V, 3 Ph + N + PE, 50 Hz
Leak test stations:
A total of 4 detection stations capable to generate up to 30KV: 2 for the body analysis and 2 for the tip and neck
Liquid minimum conductivity:
1,2 micro Siemens
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